• The Original Pancake House

    2715 W. 41st St.
    Sioux Falls, SD 57105


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    Phone: (605) 271-7222

    Mon: 6:00AM-2:45PM
    Tue: 6:00AM-2:45PM
    Wed: 6:00AM-2:45PM
    Thu: 6:00AM-2:45PM
    Fri: 6:00AM-2:45PM
    Sat: 6:00AM-2:45PM
    Sun: 6:00AM-2:45PM

*Our Family Restaurant Offers an extensive Gluten Free Menu*

Pancakes and More

  • Lunch Specials Monday-Friday
  • The Best Pancakes in Town
  • Gluten Free Menu
  • Kids Menu
  • Family Friendly Dining Room

The Original Pancake House of Sioux Falls

Pancakes are the very old beginnings of bread and pastry. Generally a pancake is any kind of batter fried or baked in a skillet, on a griddle, or any hot surface.

People of all nationalities have made pancakes from time immemorial. Today pancakes are enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even for dessert.