The Original Pancake House

There are many “Pancake Houses” but none compares to The Original Pancake House

Pancakes are the very old beginnings of bread and pastry. Generally a pancake is any kind of batter fried or baked in a skillet, on a griddle, or on any hot surface. People of all nationalities have made pancakes from time immemorial. Today pancakes are enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even for dessert.

The Original Pancake House was founded in 1953 by Les Highet and Emma Hueneke. Drawing upon their many years of expertise in the culinary field and their extensive working knowledge of authentic national and ethnic pancake recipes, they were able to offer without compromise this unique and original menu which has gained national acclaim and remains unchanged to this day.

These recipes demand only the very finest of ingredients, such as 93 score butter, pure 36% whipping cream, fresh grade AA eggs, hard wheat unbleached flour and our own recipe sourdough yeast. Old-fashioned sourdough starter, just like your great grandmother used to use, is used in many of our batters. It is grown in our own kitchen from a culture of potatoes, flour and sugar and activated by a “start of yeast.” This sourdough yeast produces light, airy, fine-textured pancakes.

*Batters are made from scratch with the freshest, highest quality ingredients available.

*Homemade syrups include maple, blueberry, strawberry, apple cinnamon and tropical.

*We use the finest berries available, including the lingonberries, which are imported from Sweden.

*The highest quality 93 score butter is used in our batters and for cooking.

*Pure heavy whipping cream is used in our batter, and also for your coffee and cereals.

*Ham and Canadian bacon is sugar cured and hickory smoked.

*Sausage links and patties are our own special recipe.

*Our orange and grapefruit juice is squeezed fresh daily.

*No trans fats are used in any preparation.

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